Early Astronomy in the University of Michigan Collections

Emendation II

In cap.1, lib.1, pag.6. Ibi (si tamen attentius) corrige. Si tamen attentius rem consideremus, nihil refert terram in medio mundi, vel extra medium existere, quoad salvandas caelestium motuum apparentias: omnis enim & c.: In chapter 1, book 1, page 6: From “Nevertheless, if [we were to examine the matter] very carefully” (Si tamen attentius [rem consideremus]) correct it to “Nevertheless, if we were to examine the matter very carefully, it makes no difference whether the Earth exists in the middle of the universe, or away from the middle, as long as the appearances of the celestial motions are saved.”

This is an excellent example of a correction designed to undermine Copernicus’ main theory, underscoring, however, the relevance of the treatise as a tool to calculate the movements of the planets.

Copernicus Is Canceled